Understand the differences between gym equipment

There is a big difference between weight training equipment and fitness equipment. Although both are used to improve physical fitness, the functions of each device mode are completely different.


Fitness equipment is any type of equipment used for weightlifting purposes. This includes bench press benches, fitness stations, dumbbells, bars and discs, and other types of machines such as leg press or calf equipment. Generally, when you buy this type of domestic appliances, they are sent completely dismantled with an instruction manual. I’ve put together a bench press, give a little work, but it’s nothing out of this world.

Fitness and Exercise Equipment

Fitness equipment are used to perform cardiovascular exercises. In this category are treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, steps, among many others. This type of device is typically used in specific areas of a gym where usually find places with high concentration of bicycles, own rooms for training with steps or own locations for mats. There are options of fitness equipment that take up very little space, ideas to use at home.

Exercise on the device

The exercises performed on devices are most recommended people who are starting in bodybuilding, due to its ease of understanding the movement; in addition also the exercise does not involve a lot of coordination of the student. Another important aspect to be commenting is that the exercises in Exercise Machine insulate the joint that is being worked by preventing the student overload another joint.

Exercise with free weights

The figure shows the same muscle group being worked in the figure above, however being carried out with free weight, and has the image to note that the student must have a minimum of knowledge of the movement and coordination to perform the movement because otherwise you could end up injuring.

An important point of the exercise with free weight is that intramuscular coordination is better crafted than in years’ appliances.

After a brief explanation of the movements execution difference between machines and free weights, we conclude that the devices are most recommended for beginners because the Exercise Machine shapes the movement preventing the student run the wrong move and end up getting hurt as the student evolves it can start to move on to free weights exercises that require more coordination and attention of the student to perform the move, never letting go of the devices, a mix between the two types of exercises is always valid.

Are you ready to exercise properly?

Regardless of the type of gym equipment that you have available it is always important that you know exactly what which of them is for. That way you will avoid body lesions and you will be able to reach your goals as fast as possible. The more you exercise the healthier you will be – however it is worth noting that you must have the proper gym equipment to be able to do so. Are you ready to exercise and have the body of your dreams?

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